I'm Back!

2010-07-01 01:32:11 by TheBenjerman

I'm back!

Just released the Up Through Ashen Skies track I wrote for you NG'ers, and what do you know, got zero-bombed about a minute after it got into the portal. Along with the rest of my stuff.

Ah well, it happens.

Hope you're all well, and more to come, and soon!


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2010-07-01 01:48:46

hooray! i have no idea who you are but im listening to your music! Don't be surprised if the scores get abnormally low....or high...*ahem* well nice meeting you anyways!

TheBenjerman responds:

Haha. Thanks for the comment.


2010-07-02 09:04:16

Welcome back... It's first time I spot you. I just listened to your new track, and it's really good - good job.

I am currently using it for a little project i'm working on (a little game for a online community), if it ever get done, I will send it to you - so you can see the end product - I will credit you :)

TheBenjerman responds:

Awesome! Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it.



2010-07-23 23:25:29

Friend thank you for your attention even saw your channel here on the website, good music congratulations, I'm really bad play too bad but I love the BASS, my idol is Les Claypool on bass revolucinario think he ... xD

... I leave here also said thanks ... xD


2010-09-05 18:29:03

Don't worry about zerobombing. I get it all the time. :P I'll just rate you back up, you deserve the points anyways. ^_^V

TheBenjerman responds:

Aww, thanks a ton! :-D

And I'm not concerned, this stuff happens.


You rock. Have I told you that before?