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Awesome! But the music sucks.

Super awesome video! Quite the project, I'm very impressed. Very smooth, realistic action, decent plot, this is just a great submission. You've got a few things preventing it from being phenomenal though.

First of all, the music was terrible. It just didn't fit what was happening, and as a composer I almost NEVER say this, but it would have actually been better WITHOUT music. Music could have added excitement, made the action more realistic, help develop the warriors, cover up some spots that might not have worked as well, played on the drama, given reference to the original movies and games the characters came from etc, and it did none of this. This really shouldn't have been that hard an animation to score. The music actually made the project confusing when it had no need to be; it just didn't work at all.

The only other comment is watch the voice-overs. Some of them were awesome, some of them didn't fit. A little hit and miss, just keep an eye out.

Overall this was a fantastic project though! It's just better if you mute it. :\

Great Job

9/10, 5/5

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You rock my socks

And the music is awesome. I couldn't wait for this version to come out so I played the one on Kongregate first.

But it's totally better on NG of course...


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Dude, I had to give a return review! The mix on this track is great! Wonderful use of space, and you have all of these instruments that should totally be at odds with each other and they somehow work great together! Awesome energy throughout, you totally deserved to win our little match-up. ;)

steampianist responds:

Thanks man and I call this this kind of instrumentation harmonious contradictions hehehe

Sweet track! I love the 7/8 of course ;) although I feel like the first 7/8 section could have had a little more energy.

The piece felt very sectional, you might want to look at your transitions a bit, I wasn't entirely sure what you were trying to achieve during some of them.

Other than that, great heroic piece! Cool brass and synths for sure. :)

2 thumbs up!

I love you and your quintal/quartal stuffz! Super chill and relaxing. Watery too. You might want to play with the string dynamics though.

Oh, and the super verb'ed and delayed piano is awesome.

2 thumbs up!

PhilVille responds:

Haha your right! I forgot to do the dynamics lol this ones still mixed to have a voice in it lol
But thanks bro!

I write music for games, film, tv, and the heck of it. If you want me to write something for you, let me know!

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